JANE KRUPP was born in New York City and received a BFA from Cornell University, School of Art, Architecture, and Urban Planning in 1974. At art school, she studied with color-field painter, Friedel Dzubas, a student of Hans Hoffman who also shared a studio with Helen Frankenthaler. She is the last in the direct line of students of the New York School, and graduated alongside well-known artists, John Ahearn and Tim Woodman.

As an artist, Jane Krupp developed her vision over the past 40 years into what is now a comprehensive body of work. Believing that “light is everything,” her works are created using color, selected focus, deep shadows, and direct and reflected light, whether man-made or natural. She captures her subjects in this specific light using soft-focus peripheries and geometric angularities to create a dimension of subtle and elusive spirituality.

She refers to the picture plane in the manner of a quick sketch artist creating a bas-relief. Found light is rarely manipulated, and minor processing is used to produce dramatic prints. Spontaneity and improvisation are possible in this direct, intuitive approach to the medium.

Her pictures create windows of reflection, capturing mood and emotion, with the underlying intent of creating a direct and visceral visual poetry, devoid of popular culture iconography and social commentary.

Jane Krupp has worked across several media, from drawing, painting, and sculpture, and is currently actively working with a camera as her brush.

“There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.”
― Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968

For inquiries, contact jane@janekrupp.com